Cob Oven


Miss Rowe has been working on a special project with Matthew Lloyd from the Fabulous Cob Oven Company. Matthew has been working with our children to build our very own cob oven! Everyone has been hard at work, gathering the necessary materials to get started. The children have been helping Matthew dig for clay soil in our outdoor learning area. They then moved onto creating an insulating layer by combining glass bottles, straw, sawdust and sand. Matthew then demonstrated how to sift through clay soil to get rid of any unwanted materials. The children then lay firebricks on top of the insulating layer, acting as a base. Everyone has then worked together to form the dome, made originally from sand. Miss Rowe has then added a layer of newspaper so when the secondary layer is dry, the original sand layer can be dug out. The children have then been compressing clay and straw together to make an insulating layer, being placed on top of the newspaper. Matthew has then worked with the children to add the final layer of clay and sand, this means the cob oven can keep a higher temperature for longer. When the cob oven has dried, a door has been cut out and the original sand layer has been scooped out along with the newspaper. The children have had a fantastic time building this with Matthew and are really happy with how it turned out. Every class then had the opportunity to test out the cob oven by baking and tasting some delicious pizza!