Roald Dahl Day

Our children have had a fantastic day celebrating Roald Dahl Day! The boys and girls came to school dressed in all sorts of characters from books he wrote. The children were dressed as ducks, Fantastic Mr Fox and there was even a crocodile! Boys and girls across school have been doing some Roald Dahl related activities throughout the day, including using their own feet to work out the size of the BFG! Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes and had a really fun day.




Marine Visitors

Northumbria Police Marine Unit have paid a special visit to our year five children. The boys and girls had great fun learning about their work on the local rivers and seas. Year five thoroughly enjoyed getting to go on the boat and seeing the diver dressed in the full dive suit.




Alnwick Castle

As part of their topic on 'Knights and Castles', year three have spent a day visiting Alnwick Castle. The children started by having a look at armour and weapons used by knights in the past. The boys and girls looked at a steel breastplate, chain mail, steel helmets, steel swords and even a lance. Year three were surprised by how heavy they were! Next the boys and girls acted out a Scottish invasion on the castle, learning about different battling techniques and strategies. The children then had a tour of the Castle where they even visited the dungeons! To finish off their day, year three listened to a story about Sir Harry Hotspur and the fierce life he led. The boys and girls had a fantastic day out!




Tony the Fridge

As part of a mini topic on The Great North Run. our children have had a special visit from Tony the Fridge. Tony is a well accomplished athlete who takes part in marathons and half marathons across the UK but he does so carrying a 42kg fridge on his back. Tony came into school to speak to the children about the charity work he does and why he runs such far distances. The children loved hearing his story and hope they can take part in their own marathons when they are older. Thank you Tony!




Year 6 Trip to Ireland

Day 1: Our year sixes have started their journey to Ireland for their residential this year. The children had an early start travelling down to Holyhead where they would board their ferry to Dublin. Year six had their dinner in the ferry terminal and then set sail to Dublin. On arrival, the children spent a short time on the coach making their way to Kippure Estate. Year six arrived at the estate, unpacked their belongings and headed for their evening meal. For the next two days, the children will be enjoying taking part in some fun activities such as: abseiling, zip line and even a master chef survival challenge.

Day 2 and 3: Year six have been continuing their outdoor adventure In Ireland. The children have been partaking in lots of fun and exhilarating activities. Year six were split into groups and tackled activities such as: the low ropes course, the vertical challenge and the balance beams. The children also got to do some climbing and abseiling which had them suspended from quite a height! Year six then had a go at archery where they were determined to beat their friend's high score. The boys and girls then finished off with some den building before having a go at master chef survival and then heading off for some free time. The children have had two fun packed days and have earned themselves a well deserved rest before heading home tomorrow.

Day 4: Year six have spent their last day in Dublin where they started off in Stephen Green Park, getting to relax and burn off any energy they had remaining. At midday the children enjoyed having their lunch at Pizza Express, fuelling them for the journey home! Year six headed off to catch their ferry home and will be back later this evening. The children have had a fantastic time and we'll be hearing all about it when they are back in school.





A massive well done to our year sixes who have finished their SATs. The children have all worked really hard and earned themselves a well deserved rest. Year six had an afternoon picnic where they cooked marshmallows on our fire pit, ate some delicious cakes and even had a visit from Mr Whippy. The children played games in the afternoon, followed by some den building along with a game of football. Year six had a great day after a tough week of SATs. Well done everyone!




Anniversary Lunch

We have been celebrating our 10th birthday with a special lunch organised by our school council. The children decided on a chicken burger along with curly fries and onion rings with a Harlow Green inspired cupcake and brownie. Delicious!




Easter Egg Competition

Our children have been taking part in a whole school Easter egg decorating competition. There have been so many fantastic entries that the children have worked incredibly hard on. We had entries ranging from eggs in a wrestling arena to an egg that was attached to a missile! Our school council will be picking a winner and a runner up from each class to be announced in a special Easter assembly!






Ford Castle

Year five have spent three days visiting Ford Castle, taking part in a wide variety of fun and exhilarating activities. The children have been tackling the low ropes, climbing Jacob's ladder and they even tried the leap of faith! Year five had lots of fun cheering each other on and really enjoyed trying to beat their friends score/time set on the activity. The following day, the children headed off to Spittal Beach where they took part in some beach games including monkey football, rounders and a sandcastle challenge. Year five then continued with more activities back at Ford Castle, these included: team games, crossing a zipwire and the children even had a go at being crime scene investigators. On their final day, year five finished the remainder of their activities, which were: participating in a potions class and taking on a very challenging assault course! The children had great fun taking part in such thrilling activities and really enjoyed getting to spend it with their friends.




World Book Day

Our whole school has been celebrating World Book Day! Children and staff came into school dressed as some of their favourite fictional characters from books they enjoy reading. There were some fantastic costumes, our children really got to show off their creative side. Each class even took part in a mini-competition competing for the best costume! KS2 children spent their afternoon reading to younger children throughout school, getting to show off their favourite books. A big thank you to the parents/carers who came to our afternoon cake sale and for working on such amazing costumes for their children.




Sign to Sing

Our whole school has been taking part in the Sign to Sing charity event. The children have been singing 'Together' to raise awareness for deaf children and adults. A big thank you to everyone who has donated money towards such an amazing charity, the children have thoroughly enjoyed getting to learn the song as well as learning to sign.




Creative Curriculum Sessions

A big thank you to all of the parents and carers who dropped in on our topic afternoons and Rhyme time sessions. The children have really enjoyed getting to work with you, some of the boys and girls were even singing and dancing! There has also been lots of arts and crafts activities going on around school, these included: making your own dinosaur, making dragon masks and Chinese snakes and even making your own Greek inspired building!

Here are some of the comments left by our parents/carers:

  • "What a lovely afternoon spent with the children, I really enjoyed it and all of the children did too. Thank you for inviting me!"
  • "Excellent. Had a great time and enjoyed seeing the class being creative."
  • "Thoroughly enjoyed this - Thank you! I was hugely impressed by all the children's behaviour and focus on the task at hand."
  • "A great opportunity to come into school and help my child to complete a practical activity related to the work he is doing."
  • "It was nice to join in with the children to do some fun work in class."
  • "Lovely coming and learning some new songs to sing!"
  • "Really enjoyed the session - would be lovely to do this again."
  • "Lovely seeing all the children be so enthusiastic about singing. Very welcoming."





A big well done to Mrs Reynold's class who have achieved the highest attendance across school in the autumn term. As a reward for their punctuality, the children have spent an afternoon bowling! The boys and girls really enjoyed getting to compete against one another, especially those who managed to get a strike. Year five are very excited to see who is going to win next term's prize!




Winter Market

A massive thank you to everyone who came to our Winter Market, there was an incredible turnout. The children all really enjoyed themselves and had fun going around the different stalls.Our PTA did a fantastic job and we are very appreciative of everyone's kind generosity. We are looking forward to doing more events like this in the future.




Outdoor Fun

Reception have been making the most of the wet weather we've been having. The children have been using the new school bikes and scooters. Reception have also been using chalk and powder paint to change the colour of the puddles on our school yard. They have even used washing up liquid to make some bubbles! Some of the children decided to use chalk to draw a road on the yard that could be used by the bikes and scooters. The children found it very funny when there was a traffic jam!




Choir Performance

Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Chapman took our school choir to perform at Joseph Swan as part of a remembrance concert. The children sang two solos: 'You Raise Me Up' and 'True Colours'. Our choir have also sang a number of songs in unison with children from Kells Lane and Oakfield. The pipers from REME and the Durham Cadet Band also performed at the concert. The children were absolutely fantastic and we are incredibly proud of them. Well done everyone!




Birds of Prey

As a reward for their excellent attendance, some lucky boys and girls had a special visit from the Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre. The children got to spend their afternoon learning about the different types of birds of prey, what they eat, where they live, the children even got to hold some of them. The children have really enjoyed their afternoon and had lots of interesting questions to ask.