Outdoor Learning Projects


If you have any materials you would like to donate towards the outdoor area, please contact Miss Rowe via the school office.





Angel Court - Week 5

Year five have been continuing to work on their fabric collage wreath, the children and residents even had a go at felting. Some of the pieces they created will be used to create a tapestry to brighten up Angel Court's communal area




Angel Court - Week 4

The children and the residents of Angel Court enjoyed lots of chat and laughter as they started their Christmas themed activities. Year five have used leaf shaped templates to cut out a variety of fabrics which will then go together to create a festive wreath.




Angel Court - Week 3

On their third week, the children and residents have been looking at some different household items from the 70's. The items were used as inspiration for line drawings that will be made into Lino cuts for printing. Once the pencil designs were completed, they moved onto Lino printing. The children were having lots of fun working with the residents on this project. Some of the Lino prints were made on fabric which once dried, the children will make into some tapestry and cushion covers.




Angel Court - Week 2

The children and residents continued to work together on some decorative pieces. They came together to help each other with some of the smaller pieces, the residents were even guiding the children by giving them some handy needlework tips. The finished pieces will be used to help brighten up the community area at Angel Court.




Angel Court - Week 1

Some of our year five boys and girls along with miss Rowe are back at Wood Green to spend time with the residents there. The children worked with an artist called Hannah and decorated prints using wool. There was lots of fun and chatter, getting to know each other and planning what they might do this term.




Miss Rowe has been speaking to our children along with the residents of Angel Court about their shared learning experience and what they have enjoyed throughout their visits. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • "It's hard to adequately express the absolute joy of film sessions with the children of Harlow Green Primary School. I am repeatedly staggered by their natural talent behind the camera, and communication skills when interviewing their peers and older people. They have such a delicate, perceptive approach to film making that I just love to watch, and sincerely hope will be pursued and developed as they get older." - Danielle Giddins, Filmmaker: Equal Arts Council
  • "We need people who can help us. We enjoy it. They make you feel really good." - Belle, Resident at Angel Court
  • "It keeps us busy and we meet lovely children." - Joan, Resident at Angel Court

We are thrilled that the residents are enjoying spending time with our children. The boys and girls would love to go back and we can't wait to start up the weekly trips once more.




Food Festival

A big thank you to the residents from Angel Court who came to join us for our food festival. They created some beautiful plaster tiles with the children and even got to try some pizza from our cob oven!





Very exciting news...our first toad! Then the children found four different types of frogs too. This means the work Miss Rowe is doing to encourage wildlife onto our school is working brilliantly!




Our children have been working really hard in their outdoor learning sessions and one of our parents has been talking to Miss Rowe about how the sessions have impacted her child:

"Harley has taken part in outdoor learning now for about two years where I feel the ongoing opportunity to take part in something he has become so passionate about has provided him with great opportunities to build upon his self-esteem and knowledge of the outside world.

He is very eager to attend school on days he knows he will be 'outdoor learning' saying things like "yes! It's outdoor learning today".

As a parent I feel Harley's experiences have benefited him greatly where it has given us some great social opportunities at home to talk about what he has done, learnt and enjoyed that day.

I can see the self-pride in Harley when he talks about his achievements and have observed this first hand when engaging in a session.

His confidence shines when engaging in such activities.

I greatly value the learning opportunities he has given watching his emotional, social and physical abilities progress and enhance.

I have no doubt that the time taken by Miss Rowe to motivate, praise and encourage Harley has had a great impact on his learning and improved self-esteem."




Film Making

Miss Rowe has been taking a new group of children along to Angel Court to meet the residents and start working on some new projects being introduced there. The boys and girls have been learning how to use specialist recording equipment and take high resolution photographs.




Willow Weaving

A group of year five children have been working alongside the residents of Wood Green and Angel Court. They have been working with Ruth Thompson, learning how to willow weave as well as look after and care for their chickens. Year five have really enjoyed spending time with the residents and being able to work on new projects every week. They have been making different items out of willow which will be used in Angel Court's garden and for every day use in the sheltered housing. A big thank you to the residents for being so welcoming, the children were always looking forward to going back and working with them.




Holly Hoppin

A big well done to our very own directors Jack and Ieuan who alongside Danielle Giddins have filmed this amazing video of our Holly Hoppin. The boys have worked really hard getting some great footage of parents working with their children. Jack and Ieuan especially enjoyed getting to see what creative activities were going on around school and seeing how much everyone was enjoying themselves. Well done boys!




Angel Court - Week 13

This week at Angel Court, the children were joined by Polly from the Equal Arts Council. The children have been working with the residents to create a story inspired by mystery items found in a bag. As they speculated about the strange objects, where they came from and whose they might be, the story grew.




Budding Friendships

Our children have been really enjoying working with residents at Angel Court and one of our parents has been talking to Miss Rowe about how the sessions have impacted her child:

"We visited Angel Court for their Christmas fare and my son introduced us to the lovely residents, it was touching to see the bond they had clearly formed. On the way home, we talked about them and how they might spend Christmas Day. It was then that Logan suggested we should buy a Christmas present for his buddy Kath. We asked the staff at the centre if this would be OK and they thought it would be a wonderful idea. We visited Kath on Christmas Day to give her a present, we were welcomed like family and have been every time we visit! This has been an inspiring experience for our son as well as the rest of us. We very much appreciate the opportunity that the school and Angel Court have provided the young people of our community."




Angel Court - Week 12

This was the last week of our children working with artist Jill at Angel Court. The panels that the children have helped the residents make will soon be read to go up onto the wooden fencing in the communal garden. This will give some all year round colour for the residents to enjoy. Year five have had an incredible time sharing stories and learning new skills. Jill brought in some sparkling juice, strawberries and cakes for a little tea party after all their hard work, they even had parasols in their drinks!




Angel Court - Week 11

The residents at Angel Court have been working hard with our children to sand and paint the wooden blocks being used for decorative panels. They have now finished the blues, greens, earth and fire colours and have started to plan the layout of the blocks. The children now need to decide how to attach the blocks to the panels and make the whole thing water proof.




Angel Court - Week 10

The children and residents have been working together to measure and cut out backing boards. These will be used to form the base of the decorative panels being made to brighten up Angel Court's garden. Once measured, the children cut them to size. Year five took turn in doing so as it was quite a demanding task! The boards were then sanded and carefully painted in suitable colours so blocks that were prepared last week would stand out. Next week the children will be starting to layout the designs and will decide where and what they will plant into the frames.




Planting Willow

Children from years 4, 5 and 6 have been helping Miss Rowe plant some willow around school. Hopefully when they grow, they will provide more wind protection and sound proofing from the main road. The next stage will be to replant and repair the willow dome and tunnel.




Angel Court - Week 9

One of the residents from Angel Court brought in some photographs of Harlow Green School from when she was a little girl. The children found it very interesting hearing about what school life was like in those days. The brother of one of the residents was in the football team and the children were amazed to see how much footballs and football boots have changed since then.




Angel Court - Week 8

Children and residents at Angel Court have been very industrious in their recent work together, they have been sanding and painting wooden blocks. Once dried, these will be put together onto boards, creating panels that will be placed outside in the communal garden area. Residents wanted help from the children to bring some colour to the garden particularly in the winter months.




Angel Court - School Choir

Our year five children who've been taking weekly trips to Angel Court decided to bring some friends along with them - the school choir! The residents were very welcoming, sharing stories with the children in an incredible atmosphere. They took great delight in the children's fantastic singing and even joined in with some of the Christmas classics. Over the last 7 weeks, the children have had a wonderful time, building relationships in the community, sharing stories and creating some beautiful art work. The Big Lottery Fund project runs intergenerational activities and we will be looking forward to doing more in the future. Soon we plan on running some dementia awareness training in school and are planning to invite residents from Angel Court and Wood Green to cook some food with the children on our new cob oven.




Angel Court - Week 7

Our year five children have finished their last week visiting Angel Court before Christmas. The children have had lots of fun creating Christmas trees, one of which will hang by the entrance to our school. The other is being submitted with Angel Court to the St Ninians Church Christmas tree competition. Viewings of the entries will take place on Saturday 10th December between 10 and 12 at the church coffee morning. Also at the carol service on Sunday 11th December at 3 o clock, family and friends welcome. The children have had an incredible few weeks spending time at Angel Court, the residents have made the year five's feel so welcome. Their friendships have blossomed and they are looking forward to more adventures with them in the new year.




Angel Court - Week 6

Children and residents at Angel Court have been using the skills they've learned over the last few weeks to create a large Christmas wreath. The children plan on hanging the wreath outside the main entrance to school.




Chicken Enrichment

Some of our year six workers have been trying to enrich the lives of our chickens. To do so, the children have attached a xylophone to the hen house and already the birds have been showing an interest. The outdoor workers are planning on creating little dispensers next so as the chickens play, they get a reward.




Angel Court - Week 5

Year five have had another fantastic afternoon with Gwen, Joyce, Maisie, Vera and Kath at Angel Court. The children have been working with them to create some more beautiful Christmas wreaths. Next week year five will be using the skills they've learned to make some large decorations to put up at school. A big thank you to Jill from the Equal Arts Council for providing some expertise and for helping the children.




Angel Court - Week 4

Year five have had a great time continuing their visits to Angel Court. Young and old working together to make Christmas crafts and wreaths with Jill from the Equal Arts Council and Alan from Great North Tree Services. The children would like to also thank Joyce, Gwen and Maisie for making them feel so welcome, for sharing memories of the war and for helping the children learn some sign language. Year five are really looking forward to their next visit.




Cob Oven

Miss Rowe has been working on a special project with Matthew Lloyd from the Fabulous Cob Oven Company. Matthew has been working with our children to build our very own cob oven! Everyone has been hard at work, gathering the necessary materials to get started. The children have been helping Matthew dig for clay soil in our outdoor learning area. They then moved onto creating an insulating layer by combining glass bottles, straw, sawdust and sand. Matthew then demonstrated how to sift through clay soil to get rid of any unwanted materials. The children then lay firebricks on top of the insulating layer, acting as a base. Everyone has then worked together to form the dome, made originally from sand. Miss Rowe has then added a layer of newspaper so when the secondary layer is dry, the original sand layer can be dug out. The children have then been compressing clay and straw together to make an insulating layer, being placed on top of the newspaper. Matthew has then worked with the children to add the final layer of clay and sand, this means the cob oven can keep a higher temperature for longer. When the cob oven has dried, a door has been cut out and the original sand layer has been scooped out along with the newspaper. The children have had a fantastic time building this with Matthew and are really happy with how it turned out. They have also been testing out the cob oven with some delicious pizzas they made!




Wood Green - Week 3

Year five have been making some beautiful mosaics with the Wood Green residents. The children have been using lots of natural materials, some of which were taken from the residents garden! Some of the boys and girls have been continuing to film these activities for when we make a short video. A big thank you to Wood Green for having us as the children are really enjoying themselves.




Wood Green - Week 2

Year five have been continuing their visits to Wood Green Retirement Home, practicing weaving and getting used to using recording equipment. The children have been working with the residents, tackling more difficult weaving techniques to help make even more decorations for them. Well done year five.




Wood Green - Week 1

A group of lucky year five children have been to Wood Green Retirement Home to spend some time with the residents there. The children have been learning how to use recording equipment in preparation for a short video on the retirement home. Year five have also been weaving baskets and small decorations to be used in the retirement home. The children will be continuing to go there every week to learn new skills and develop a short video.




Wood Store

Year six have been working really hard with Alan from Great North Trees. They have been working on a special project that involved piecing logs together to build a wood store. The children have really had to think about which pieces went where. The new wood store has a water tight roof and even a welcoming sign that the children helped to build. A job well done year six!

Harlow Green's Hatchery

Some lucky year five children have been working with Henpower to make a short film. The footage is currently being edited but we are hoping to have the finished version soon! The completed film will be posted here.

The Outdoor Learning Project

Some of the outdoor workers have been involved in filming and producing their own short movie. The children have been filming this as part of their second project with the Equal Arts council. They have been working really hard on the outdoor area and their video greatly represents this. We could not be more impressed with the finished video and with how hard the year sixes have been working. A massive thank you to Daniellle Giddins who has been assisting us throughout, also for putting together these two brilliant short movies.



Our Local Project!

Some of the year sixes have been doing a project at a local sheltered housing community, Angel Court. This was a creative project in partnership with the Equal Arts council. The residents gave such a warm welcome and worked with the children sharing valuable skills and experience.