Statutory Information


Safeguarding Statement:

At Harlow Green Community Primary School we aim to ensure that our duty of care fulfills the requirements of 'Working Together to Safeguard Children'

All children, whatever their race, gender, religion, disability, culture and class, have the right to grow up unharmed, to have the opportunity to develop fully and to have their basic needs met.

Harlow Green Community Primary School promotes the principal:

  • That the welfare of the child is paramount
  • That we have a duty to ascertain the wishes and feelings of the child, in the lights of their age and understanding
  • That we need to encourage all children to a positive self-image, thereby increasing their level of confidence
  • That we must promote the development of the child to their full potential: intellectual, cultural, physical, social, emotional and behavioural in a non-threatening and secure environment where they feel valued and respected and they value and respect others and their property
  • That we must promote the protection of children from harm or ill treatment, including supporting a child`s development in ways which will foster self-esteem, security, confidence and independence to help ensure their own protection and understand the importance of protecting others.