Gnomes and grasses.

Year 1 continue to learn about the world of Gnomes and the living things they protect. So whilst Year 6 have been carrying out detailed comparison studies across our site, our younger children have also been learning to use their observational skills in our Forest School.

Once upon a time our school field had only one type of grass, robust and sturdy and perfect for football. Now thanks to hard work and careful cultivation, (and perhaps some protective Gnome magic), we have many varieties of beautiful grasses that offer homes to an abundance of wildlife. The children found that not all grass is green, in fact there many shades and colours, textures and shapes. The grasses were carefully picked and arranged onto sticky plastic, some children sorted the grass and grouped into categories, others made pictures or patterns. Their work will then be used to decorate the windows of the classrooms and made into hanging lanterns for our Outdoor Learning display.