Gnomes and how we harness the power of the trees.

This week Years 1 and 2 learnt about the power and energy contained in trees. How they replenish themselves by dropping leaves and branches, which in turn become reabsorbed and also give life to other flora and fauna. In ancient times many people believed that trees had special powers, the mighty Oak represented strength and endurance. Birch trees, due to the sparseness of their branches and leaves giving light to plants below, symbolised new life. The Yew with its regenerative qualities represented rebirth.

Gnomes are known for their magic abilities too, used in their role as nature guardians. The children were tasked with creating their own magic sticks so they could harness this amazing tree power and become protectors of our natural world. Of course we do not ‘take’ power from trees, only gather the power that has been given freely. First job, find a suitable stick on the ground. Next collect natural objects that can represent your chosen power. The children have been learning how to gather carefully from living plants. Then take your finds to the wand makers to create your own stick of power.

Some sticks had the power of flight, these included feathers, healing sticks that used doc leaf seed heads, even one that could change things into to chocolate. The fun continued back in class with a story created and acted out by the children where they wielded their Tree Power Sticks and saved Mother Nature.