Archive 2017-18


In RE, the children have been learning about who Moses is and why he is important to Jewish people. The children retold the story of Moses and created their own ten commandments. The boys and girls created their own stone tablets to display their ten laws. UNICEF Article 30: We all have the right to


Our fantastic Boccia team took part in the county finals yesterday. They represented Gateshead, along with another team, against teams from all over the North East. They had lots of fun!  


The boys and girls in Year 3 have been investigating mixing colours. They began by mixing two primary colours together to create secondary colours and then explored what happens when you mix a combination of these together to create tertiary colours. The children had great fun making their own colou


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been learning how to divide with remainders. The children used lollipop sticks to group into threes and fours and look for any left over. They worked together to solve a range of divisions and recorded their calculations on whiteboards.


Year 6 have been learning fraction and decimal equivalences. They completed fraction, decimal equivalence table and used this to complete a Tarsia puzzle matching fractions to the equivalent decimal. The children were challenged, had fun and were very competitive!


Today, both morning and afternoon Nursery were visited by Chrissy Milburn from Gateshead Library.  She came in to talk to the children about the Bookstart packs that she had brought in for them to take home.  The children listened to a story from the Bookstart pack and Chrissy also read a very spe


At Nursery, the children enjoy singing rhymes and songs every single day!  To celebrate ‘National Nursery Rhyme Week’ the children have been  doing lots of activities linked to their favourite rhymes.  We started the week by writing a list of our favourite rhymes and then discussed activities tha


On Tuesday 17th July, the Year 6 children had a day dedicated to celebrating their time at Harlow Green. On the afternoon, a formal graduation ceremony took place which involved speeches, singing and the presentation of certificates. The children looked amazing in their graduation gowns and presente


As part of our topic on Ancient Baghdad, Year 5 used ‘Inkscape’ to create Islamic style geometric patterns. Once designed, the pattern was adapted and carved into printing tiles and used to print onto fabric. We then learnt a few basic sewing stitches to hem and join the fabric, with bandanas as