The children in Nursery enjoyed listening to the story ‘Sleepy Sam the Shepherd’.  We talked about the job that a shepherd does.  The children enjoyed counting sheep at the maths table. Some children were able to solve simple addition and subtraction problems with their sheep.  In the outdoor are


This week we read ‘Mrs Lather’s Laundry’ by Allan Ahlberg.  We also read ‘Walter’s Windy Washing Line’ by Neil Griffiths and ‘Washing Line’ by Jez Alborough.  We turned our role play area into a laundry.  The children have has great fun playing in the laundry and developed many skills.  They hav


In the Nursery mud kitchen, the children have been painting using mud.  The children found their own mud in the Nursery garden and mixed it with different amounts of water before painting with it. We talked about the different textures that we made and which ones worked best as paint.  It was very


The children have been busy doing lots of fun activities linked to the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ for World Book Day this week. The children enjoyed sharing the story, joining in with repetitive words and phrases.  We talked about the word medium and learnt that it was the size betwe


The boys and girls enjoyed sledging on the hill in the Nursery garden today   They found out that it was much harder to pull the sledge up the hill, with a friend sitting in it, than it was to push them down the hill.  They had a great time taking turns to ride on the sledge and pull  their fri


The Children learnt about Chinese New Year.  They enjoyed playing in our new Chinese restaurant role-play area taking orders and serving food.  They also tasted some spring rolls, prawn crackers and noodles with some Chinese sauces.  The children had a great time trying to eat their food with cho


The boys and girls enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday.  We read the story ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’.  The children drew their own pictures of the runaway pancake while trying to hold their pencils with a pincer grip.  They also counted out money to buy the ingredients for


This week, the children in Nursery have been saying the nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’.  They have enjoyed doing lots of activities with a Humpty Dumpty theme. The children enjoyed playing a Humpty Dumpty game where they had to remove bricks from a wall without Humpty Dumpty falling down.  This gam


The Nursery children have been busy looking after the birds in the Garden. They made bird feeders by spreading lard onto pieces of card and then dipping the card in bird seed. They then hung their feeders in the trees in the Nursery garden. The children have been excited to watch the birds enjoying