The children have enjoyed reading ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ this week.  The children used props in the small world area to retell the story in their own words.  They also did a great job painting their own Gruffalo pictures.


In Nursery we do lots of activities to develop our gross and fine motor skills.  This week we have enjoyed dancing and making patterns with scarves.  We have been using the scarves to draw big circles, horizontal, vertical and wiggly lines.  The children have also been manipulating salt dough to


This week the boys and girls have been helping to set up our role play area as a vets surgery.  We have been reading stories about pets such as ‘Mog and the v-e-t’ by Judith Kerr and ‘Dogs’ by Emily Gravett.  We having been finding out about the job that a vet does.  The children have enjoyed tak


The Nursery children enjoyed the last day of term with their Christmas party.  They had great fun dancing and playing party games such as pass the parcel and musical statues.  They enjoyed sharing their party food and even had a surprise visit from Santa!


The  Morning and Afternoon Nursery children were very proud to perform their Nativity plays this week.  They all did a great job acting out scenes from the story and singing songs.  They enjoyed dressing up an looked great in their costumes.  We had lots of very proud parents who thoroughly enjo


Lots of Nursery children are hoping that Santa might bring them a bike or scooter next week.  They have been trying hard to stay on Santa’s ‘Good List’ and they have been practicing their balancing and pedalling skills on the Nursery bikes and scooters.  The boys and girls did really well!


Nursery have been getting into the festive season and have been thinking about Christmas! The boys and girls enjoyed activities including writing letters to Santa, helping the elves to wrap and count presents, making pretend mince pies and hot chocolate for Santa and painting Christmas pictures. Nur


Nursery have been learning all about winter and have started by reading the story ‘Jack Frost’. The boys and girls really enjoyed painting snowmen and penguins for their winter display. The children were also lucky enough to get some real snow! Nursery enjoyed playing outside and then having delicio


Nursery have been reading stories about dinosaurs! The boys and girls have been reading ‘In a Minute Mum’ and then found out how long 1 minute actually was, using a sand timer. The children had great fun completing different 1 minute challenges such as; jumping, hopping, balancing, stacking bricks a


Nursery have been playing in their new role-play builders yard. The children have been very busy using their imagination to make models in the building yard, cut and stick area and outdoor area. The boys and girls have been using their emergent writing skills to make labels for their models and fill