This week in Reception we have been learning all about time. The boys and girls have been learning how to show o’clock times on small clocks and have even made their very own watches to take home! Well done boys and girls.


The boys and girls in Reception have been hunting for shapes in the environment. We had lots of fun outdoors looking for 2D and 3D shapes. The children found lots of different shapes and could name them and talk about their properties.


We had so much fun during our showcase topic afternoon on Thursday. It was lovely to see so many grown ups enjoying craft activities with the boys and girls! There were lots of smiles and lots of lovely creations.


The children loved using pipettes to drop coloured paint onto the snow. They watched what happened and were so excited to see the snow turn blue!


Reception had lots of fun on World Book Day. We read the traditional tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and did lots of activities linked to the story. The children painted paintings of the 3 goats, we made troll paintings by exploring colour and adding eyes and teeth for the troll. The children hav


The boys and girls in Reception had lots of fun making Chinese Dragons to celebrate Chinese New Year. We listened to Chinese music and made our dragons dance! Some children used the drums to accompany the music and tap out a beat. It was very colourful!


In Reception this week we have had a red theme in preparation for Valentine’s Day. The boys and girls enjoyed printing with hearts in the painting area and using red sand with straws and brushes to write words and sentences linked to who they love.


This week in Reception we have been learning about length. The boys and girls went on a stick hunt and then sorted their sticks by length. The children were using great mathematical vocabulary such as ‘longer than’ ‘shorter than’ ‘shortest’ and ‘longest.’


The boys and girls in Reception have been enjoying reading the Magic Train Ride. We decided to hop aboard the magic train and visit the land of cakes! The children enjoyed baking cupcakes and icing them. We talked about the ingredients that we needed and followed the recipe.