Year 1


All children at Harlow Green take part in Stick Safety Training when they begin their journey into our Forest School. Natural resources are a fundamental part of our Outdoor Learning experience but it is important that the children know how to move these items safely. We begin by looking at what kin


This week Year 1 began to learn about leaf shape and structure, a topic that links with their current science lessons. They were taught how to remove leaves from living plants and trees safely, without effecting the plants growth. We then compared our findings, with some very beautiful collages as a


Continuing their Forest School adventures, Year 1 have been locating plants in our school grounds that may cause harm. We talked about the many benefits of these plants and how we make sure we look after both them and us. Nettles are habitats for many insects, in particular butterflies, so we have a


Year 1 have enjoyed their first Forest School session. Over the term we will be investigating our school grounds and today we have been looking for Magic Spots. Spots that can give us a sense of joy and delight, or perhaps spots where we can be quiet and peaceful. They could be purely natural or hav


Year One visited Beamish as part of their new topic ‘Heritage Hunters’. The children cleaned a pit cottage making sure the pans were polished, the clothes were ironed and the chamber pots were emptied. Yuck! They even went back in time to find out what school was like in 1918. The children used chal


Year One had so much fun using adjectives to create an amazing magical potion. They added crimson dragon’s blood and gooey ogre’s snot.  Yuck!


  Year One have been learning about Easter.  They made palm leaves and then reenacted the story of Palm Sunday.