Year 3


A big well done to all of our KS2 boys and girls who have been taking part in their Sports Day this afternoon. The children took part in lots of different activities, including a penalty shootout, sack race, sprint, javelin and even some hurdles. The children all did brilliantly and were very sports


The boys and girls in Year 3 have been practising different skills in preparation for a box making project in DT. The children learnt the importance of accurate cutting and how to score for precision folding.  Our first step was to explore how different 3D shapes can be made from nets.


Year 3 have been learning to measure in minutes and seconds. The boys and girls timed each other doing different activities using a timer on an iPad. The times were recorded in a table.  Some of the boys and girls got quite competitive and tried really hard to beat their own times.


In Year 3 the boys and girls have been learning about places of worship and special objects. Reverend Mark came in to school to talk to the classes about Church and Christianity. He brought with him a collection of artefacts and clothing to discuss. Everyone was really interested to find out about t


Some of our year three and four boys and girls have spent a day at Lord Lawson Academy getting involved in some orienteering. The children, along with other local schools have been taking part in different orienteering activities. One of which, involved using directions and maps to find items hidden


The children in year 3 have continued their pattern work by designing collograph blocks to print off. The boys and girls used cardboard to create a raised surface that will be used to create monoprints onto the fabric that we previously dip-dyed. Watch this space to see the final product.


Year 3 have been learning to play the melody to a tune on the glockenspiel. The children have learnt how to play C, A and G and have been focusing on copying rhythms accurately and keeping pulse. The children had to listen carefully to each other, and to the backing track to make sure that they play