Our Forest School would like to share some ideas that might help to inspire you in these difficult times. We know it is vital, to help control the spread of this virus, that as many children as possible should stay at home, this must be the priority.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy


In our current science topic of ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’, year 4 have been investigating the properties of gas. As most gases cannot be seen, smelt or felt, their properties are difficult to examine. The children had to devise a way to measure how much carbon dioxide gas there was in a cup of fiz


In Science this afternoon, the year 5 children made alien soup. This was a mixture of pebbles, sand, salt, water and paperclips.  They learnt about different ways of separating materials, before suggesting how the mixture could be separated. Most children understood that you could use a magnet, sie


The children in Reception have enjoyed exploring our technology area this week. The children loved using the walkie talkies to talk to their friends. They could talk to each other in lots of different locations. They have also enjoyed exploring the metal detectors and finding out which materials are


In science, year 4 have been exploring how living things can be identified and grouped according to their characteristics. The children were asked to think of their own criteria, such as living on land or in water, to group different plants and animals using a Carrol diagram or Venn diagram. They th