Year One have been very busy taking part in lots of different sports activities. As part of Sports Relief, the children danced together to encourage fitness and fun. Everyone enjoyed following the different steps. Some children even had the energy to sing along as well! Also, some children had the o


Pupils in Nursery supported Sports Relief today, by bringing in donations and wearing sports clothes.  The children enjoyed taking part in a range of physical activities including, dancing to the official Sports Relief 2020 song; developing their fine motor skills by hammering nails into shapes to


This week we have been taking part in sporting activities to celebrate Sports Relief. On Wednesday, we had a visit from a skipping coach. She taught us lots of new techniques for skipping independently, including double bounce, backwards skipping and hopping. All the children tried their hardest and


This half term, Year 6 have been learning the skills of hockey and using them in small-sided games. They have mastered how to hit, stop and dribble the ball – although there have been lots of bruised shins along the way! It has been pleasing to see them creating their own drill to practise the skill


Afternoon Nursery were treated this week to a music and movement session led by ‘Little Movers’.  The children loved taking part in the under the sea themed activities that helped to develop their gross motor skills, turn taking and listening skills and creativity.


Yesterday evening, the Harlow Green Cheerleaders performed their incredible routine in front of an adoring crowd! They shook their pom-poms, cartwheeled perfectly and worked beautifully as a team. It was a joy to watch how excited and enthusiastic the children were before and during their performanc


Yesterday afternoon, a group of our sporting superstars attended an intense dodgeball competition. It all began with two friendly games, then the competition really began! The children competed fantastically and were complimented on their fair play, listening skills and fanastic behaviour! All of th


In P.E. the Year 6 children have been learning netball skills. They have been practising their chest pass and bounce pass and learning how to pivot and use footwork when they catch the ball. this has proved a difficult skill as their natural reaction has been to run. with health being a curriculum d