Design Technology


Our Forest School would like to share some ideas that might help to inspire you in these difficult times. We know it is vital, to help control the spread of this virus, that as many children as possible should stay at home, this must be the priority.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy


This week Year One have started their Design and Technology topic. They are going to be making a woven table mat. The children learnt that table mats are used during meal times and can be made out of lots of different materials. To practise the weaving technique, the children used ribbon to weave in


In preparation for making hand puppets in year 4, the children have been practicing and improving their sewing skills. They have all shown excellent concentration and determination to complete a running stitch and an overcast stitch. The first step was to be able to thread the needle and tie a knot


In DT, the year 5 children have been learning about what is meant by ethically sourcing food. After this, they researched foods that were grown in South America. An Argentinian recipe for Alfajores biscuits was then adapted to include an ingredient that could have been grown in South America. A popu