Year 4


A group of Year 3 and Year 4 girls took part in the Gymnastics and Cheerleading Festival at the Gateshead Leisure Centre. It was brilliant to watch all the routines from the local primary and secondary schools. Here are some pictures of their wonderful performance.


Years 3 and 4 performed their nativity production ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ this week. The boys and girls sang, danced and acted brilliantly, showing what a talented group of children they really are!


  The children in Year 4 really enjoyed their Christmas lunch today’. They had fun eating their meal wearing their Christmas jumpers.  


In Years 3 and 4 the boys and girls have been enjoying using the Accelerated Reader system. The children have been developing a love for reading and have been making super progress as a result!  


This week we have explored John Brusdon’s linear artwork. The children have practised using lines and colour to build up different landscape features, such as mountains, fields, sky, etc… Then they put their skills to the test by using their practised techniques to create a John Brunsdon inspired


Year 4 have loved playing their glockenspiels this week, with the help of a partner to read the musical notes to them. They have learnt to play some simple tunes, and have had the chance to make their own music by improvising with the notes C, E and F.  


Year 4 have been making observational drawings of linear patterns within natural objects. They used a view finder to select an area from an image of an onion, feather or wood grain, then chose appropriate media to enlarge and recreate the linear patterns.


Year 4 have been creating sketch maps of our local area this week. To ensure they were accurate and to add extra details -such as bus stops, traffic lights and foot bridges- we got out and about with a walk to the Angel of the North! The children (and adults!) had great fun visiting the Angel. &nbsp