Year 4


This morning, our fantastic Year 3 and Year 4 athletes took part in the 15th year of Glynwood Games! The pupils all showed fantastic skills in all of the events and should be proud of the effort they showed today. Both our teams came 3rd overall, with our Year 3 team missing out on second place by j


This morning, Year 4 were lucky enough to have some parents/carers join us for a morning of times tables! The children (and adults) took part in a carousel of activities exploring times tables in lots of different ways. There were activities on iPads, Tarsia puzzles, Times Up Towers, Times Up Cards


June 5th is ‘World Environment Day’ led by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness and putting actions into place which will help protect the world in which we live. There are many ways in which our lifestyles have a negative impact upon our environment.  However, there are many ways i


Yesterday, six Year 4 children went to Kingsmeadow to compete against different schools playing netball. They played fantastically as a team and really enjoyed showing off their netball skills they learnt with their coach last term.  


Today, Year 4 started playing their first tennis matches. The children really enjoyed the challenge of having to get the ball over the net, as well as trying to return the ball towards their partners. Everyone struggled at first but over the course of the lesson, there were huge improvements made by


In PSHE, year 4 have been learning about the importance of working collaboratively to complete a task. Their challenge was to work in teams to build the tallest structure possible, using only paper and sticky tape. They had lots of fun and demonstrated the benefits of working as a team. Article 29 –


This term, we are learning all about sound, how it travels and how we hear! This week we looked at how a sound wave travels better through a solid material. We tested this by having a conversation with a partner, but with each sentence taking a step back until we could no longer hear them. We then m


This term, our topic in PE is tennis. Last week, we had an excellent time exploring our forehands and today we have been practising our backhands. We found this week a little more tricky but persevered and by the end of the lesson we were looking like the professionals! Next week we’ll be moving on