Year 4


During this half term, the children in Year 4 have been learning balancing skills. They tried out a variety of positions and worked out the best ways to maintain good posture.


Year Four have enjoyed mono printing onto material. The children worked very carefully to create a creative design and print onto their dip dyed material. They have created some fantastic results.


A mysterious parcel was left in the Year 4 classrooms on Monday. The children discovered what their new book was after following a particularly strict set of instructions! Their new book is The Demon Headmaster.  


Year 4 enjoyed celebrating their topic, Heritage Hunters with their adults on Monday afternoon. The children took part in a variety of activities showing off the skills they have acquired over this half term.  


Last Thursday the children enjoyed a fun packed afternoon at our local landmark. They conducted a traffic survey, questionnaires, observational drawings and compiled a list of human and physical features of the area.


The children have explored what perimeter is and how to find it. They had lots of fun finding the perimeter of rectangles around the classroom.


Year 4 have explored a variety of ways to fold material. They carefully dyed their folded material and created some amazing results.


Whilst some children continued to work in our garden, rotating the compost and cleaning out the hen house, others built some great shelters, creating shade for the rest of the school to use during break and lunch times. Year 4 are really improving their rope-work each week, making these dens very s