Year 4


The children in Year 4 have been getting creative with composition. The aim was to compose and perform a rap about bullying. The children began by creating a steady pulse using an iPad. They then digitally composed a simple melody using percussion instrument sounds over the top of their beat. Once t


In preparation for making hand puppets in year 4, the children have been practicing and improving their sewing skills. They have all shown excellent concentration and determination to complete a running stitch and an overcast stitch. The first step was to be able to thread the needle and tie a knot


Class 4a are really proud that two more members of our class have been awarded their pen licence. They took their books along to Mr Malik to show their high standard of handwriting across all subjects. Well done girls! Article 6. We all have the right to succeed at whatever we do.


In science, year 4 have been exploring how living things can be identified and grouped according to their characteristics. The children were asked to think of their own criteria, such as living on land or in water, to group different plants and animals using a Carrol diagram or Venn diagram. They th


Year 4’s topic this term is Aiming High!  We are looking at how mountains formed and what better way than using vinegar, balloons, sand, tissue and Kit Kats! We made fault-block, dome, volcanic, fold and plateau mountains. Can you work out which is which? Article 28 – we have the right to a good qu


We are absolutely gripped by our new book – When The Mountains Roared! Here we are recording our VLOGS about how we abandoned home in Australia and fled to India! Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.