Year 4


On Tuesday, year 4 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the ISKON Hindu temple in Newcastle. They listened to songs about the different Hindu gods and goddesses and learnt about traditional Indian musical instruments. The loved dressing up in traditional Indian saris and turbans, having their hands painted


As part of our geography topic about mountains, the children were able to research their own facts about how different types of volcanoes are formed and behave. They created some fantastic posters and were very keen to present these to their class.


In Year 4, we have been learning about how 5 different types of mountains are formed. The children had lots of fun with practical activities to explore how the different mountains are formed!    


We’ve had an exciting (yet challenging) time making puppets in year 4. The children researched, designed and made their very own puppet! We practised own sewing technique to make our puppet pals!  


Year four have begun the new year with a spring in their step. In PE they will be practising and developing their gymnastic skills, starting with different types of jumps. This week they carried out straight jumps with a full turn, cat leaps with a half turn and pike jumps. They also practised th


  In Year 4, we have started a new reading book called When the Mountains Roared. In the first chapter, we learnt that the main character, Ruby, is told by her dad that they are moving to India tomorrow morning! The class discussed how they would feel if they were in Ruby’s situation and record