Despite the wet weather, this did not stop us from having a brilliant time at the farm. The children loved  feeding the baby lambs, holding the baby chicks, feeding the goats, meeting the donkey, holding the rabbits and guinea pigs and meeting the piglets. A particular favourite was the very bumpy


This week in Reception, the children said goodbye to our beautiful butterflies. Our baby caterpillars had finally turned in butterflies. We set them free on our school field. To celebrate the children made butterfly cupcakes. They used their mathematical skills to weigh out the ingredients. The chil


To recognise those who have been working exceptionally hard all week, children in Reception now have the chance to be rewarded with juice and biscuits with Mr Malik. To achieve this, children will demonstrate hard work, polite manners, good behaviour and a positive attitude to everything they do. Th


The children have been interested in making bubbles. So we decided to investigate how we would go about bubble making! We really enjoyed exploring the different ways to make different sized bubbles and discovered that the hula hoop worked very well.


This week, the children were really excited to discover some snails in our outdoor area! This created a fantastic discussion about how we could look after the snails. Some children were really brave and held the snails with their hands.


The children in Reception had lots of fun using the walkie talkies to talk to their friends. They could talk to each other in different locations around school. We have also had fun using remote control cars and we were able to make them move in different directions. Article 31 – We have the right t


This week in Reception, we have taken delivery of some very special visitors. Five baby caterpillars have arrived. The children were so excited and are looking forward to watching them turn into beautiful butterflies. The Reception children have been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and k


The children in Reception enjoyed making chocolate Easter nests. They talked about the ingredients that they would need to make their nests. The boys and girls were also able to follow instructions when making them. Happy Easter! Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilitie


Today, ten of our fabulous Reception children took part in a multiskills festival! They all had lots of fun and really enjoyed getting involved with all of the different activities!     Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.