Well done to all of the boys and girls in Reception. They were all fantastic when performing their Nativity called  ‘A Miracle in Town’. The children sang the songs beautifully and used their loud voices to say their speaking parts. Everyone looked great in their costumes and enjoyed dressing up. T


The children in Reception enjoyed their first Christmas lunch at Harlow Green.  .Everyone enjoyed turkey and all the trimmings wearing their Christmas jumpers.


This week, in Reception, the children have been taking part in lots of different Christmas activities. They have been working very hard on writing their letters to Santa, practising their letter formation using candy canes and creating gingerbread men in the playdough area.


The children in Nursery and Reception had lots of fun watching ‘The Clumsiest Christmas Elf’. They sang Christmas songs, listened to stories, but best of all they helped Effie Brightbuttons find the missing keys to Santa’s workshop!


The Reception children have been very busy in the junk modelling area. They have followed their own ideas, selected appropriate resources, explored new ways of doing things and persevered when they have encountered a problem. The boys and girls have made puppets, a crocodile, a birthday cake, an isl


  In Reception, we invented our own game to play in the outdoor area. This involved plastic skittles and water. The children worked as a team to fill up the  plastic bottles with water. After this, they chose to practise their throwing skills by seeing who could knock the water skittles over.


In Reception, we celebrated Bonfire Night by doing lots of different activities. We made firework pictures, thought of firework sounds, made colourful firework bottles, collected sparkly objects, and made sparkly stars. The children practised writing letters in firework coloured sand. The children l


The Reception children have enjoyed hunting for different shapes in the outdoor area. They were able to name the shapes and describe them. The children also had fun exploring different shapes by drawing around them and creating shape pictures.