In Reception we have been using Numicon to help us in maths. We worked in pairs to flash up the Numicon then counted out an action to match the number. We were doing star jumps, clapping, hopping and press ups. The children loved this activity and had lots of fun!  


Our new topic in Reception is called ‘Journeys’. The boys and girls have already been building models of different forms of transport. They made a car, a crane, a rocket that transforms into a car and a huge rocket to take them all to the moon!


The boys and girls in Reception had so much fun during their Christmas party, we danced and played musical chairs followed by musical bumps. Some children won prizes for their super dancing. The boys and girls also had a visit from Santa and got a special gift from him! We finished with some lovely


Reception have been finding out why light is needed for us to see. They used a dark box to investigate how much light was needed to see different objects.    


This term, reception children have enjoyed exploring their senses. They have felt, tasted and smelt mystery objects and tried to identify them.        


In Reception we have been enjoying Plan, Do and Review. The children chose an area where they would then carry out an activity that they had planned to do. They followed their own ideas and were able to talk about what they had done with their friends. Here are some of the ideas that the boys and gi


Reception were very excited when we had snowfall for the first time this year. The boys and girls put their waterproofs and wellies on, then headed straight out to paint in the snow!


Reception have been exploring different activities in their classroom using paint and shaving foam, the boys and girls had lots of fun showing off their creative side!