Year 5


In the lead up to the Year 5/6 tennis competition, our Year 5 tennis club have started practice again.  The children have been serving overarm as well as fine-tuning their forehands and backhands. A few warm up games (such as tig) and skill-based activities have also been attempted to keep the sess


Continuing with our Gnome theme, the children decided they wanted more ‘houselike’ structures. Some used our tools to create dwellings, other improvised, converting nesting boxes into a gnome village. The children also made some little wooden gnomes. These have been played with by all year groups, t


The Year 5 and 6 children have competed in the annual Glynwood Games. The children were entered in running, throwing and jumping events and the games concluded with the relays. The Year 5 team eventually came 4th and the Year 6 team came 3rd. All of the children really tried in their events were the


This week across all Forest School sessions we have been learning about the history of Gnomes. This is part of an RHS campaign linked to the film Sherlock Gnomes, the purpose of which is to encourage our children’s interest in gardening. Gnomes are protectors of living things, both under and over gr


Year 5 have been studying the works of artist Chris Ofili. We combined the use of a bold background and then over layed with contrasting dot work. We enjoyed using a different tool and technique to create imaginative images!  


As part of their Heritage Hunters Topic, Year 5 children enjoyed a trip to Birtley. They were able to hear more about the Birtley Belgians who set up the village of Elisabethville during World War One and made shells for the war effort. The children visited the only remaining building – a garage tha


In Year 5, the children have been learning how to play tennis. They have worked on their forehand and backhand strokes and today had the opportunity to actually hit the ball over the net. It proved difficult to get a rally going, but they worked extremely hard. They realised that sometimes it is bet


In English, we launched a new text for this half-term. The book is called ‘Holes’ and in the story boys in a prison camp have to dig a hole 5ft long, 5ft wide and 5ft deep in the desert every day as a punishment. We had to go and measure a space that was 5ft to see how gig this hole was. The charact