Year 5


This half term in Maths, Year 5 have been focusing on deepening our knowledge of shape. We created various quadrilaterals using geoboards and elastic bands, and replicated our polygon onto squared and dotted paper. Then we completed STEM sentences to identify the properties of each shape, including


A lovely afternoon at Angel Court catching up with old friends. This week we were helping to finish off some decorative boards that the residents have been working on. Inspired by some of the screen prints and sewing we did last year, the boards were cut to shape and decorated using paint pens. They


June 5th is ‘World Environment Day’ led by the United Nations with the aim of raising awareness and putting actions into place which will help protect the world in which we live. There are many ways in which our lifestyles have a negative impact upon our environment.  However, there are many ways i


Yesterday, two of our year 5 cricket teams took part in a competition at Felling Cricket Club. Both teams showed off their incredible sporting skills, as well as their their team work and sportsmanship.   Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our talents and abilities.


Year 5 are absolutely delighted to be taking part in Newcastle Building Society’s Boardroom Challenge this year, and we started the process with some very special visitors from the company, who came in and spent a morning with each class. They introduced the idea of the Boardroom Challenge: we need


As part of our History work this term, we have been studying Baghdad (c900). We focused on Al-Khwarizmi, who invented algebra, Arabic numerals (the ones we still use today!) and algorithms. To understand just how detailed an algorithm needs to be, wrote our own, instructing our robot teachers about


This term in Science in Year 5, we have been learning all about Earth in space. We know all about the planets, why we have night and day, and even why we have seasons! The next thing we needed to learn was why we have time zones. We had lots of questions about why we change our watches when we go on


Our final week at Angel Court working with Neil. The children and residents have made some beautiful creations. The final finishes were carried out, wooden hens mounted onto a grassy base and a last coat of varnish. The children arranged the shell boxes in Angel Courts community garden and screwed


Over the last fortnight in Year 5, we have been working hard in DT lessons to understand more about food: what makes something healthy or unhealthy, why we should eat a balanced diet, and how different food combinations can make different flavours! Our lessons have culminated in us testing different