Year 5


Over the last couple of weeks, Year 5 have been designing and building bridges to fit a specific brief. We improved our designs over a lesson or two until we were happy with a final design. Building the bridges was fun but challenging, as the joins were quite tricky. Eventually they were tested with


This week in Year 5, we have designed, adapted and created bridges. We carefully followed the brief to make sure our bridges were suitable, strong and stable – we didn’t want any collapses! The children have had lots of fun and we can’t wait to test them (when they’re dry!).  


In our English lessons, Year 5 have been learning how to construct sentences that include relative clauses. We wrote simple sentences on strips of paper about Beowulf (our class novel) and then added information about the noun by using a relative pronoun to start a relative clause. Next we added it


Children in Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying tag rugby club with  Mr Allen and Mr McMann on a Monday night. From the first week, when passing backwards was difficult, to the last week, where fast-paced games were being played, the progress has been incredible. They have all enjoyed the sessions and


Our choir meet with Mrs Reynolds every week.  They have been practicing the following songs: ‘Try everything’ ‘One in a Million’ ‘No wars will stop us singing’ ‘Remember Me’ Their enthusiasm and singing talent is fantastic and the sound of their singing brightens up our school on Thursday lunchtime


During our science work on forces we have conducted experiments on air resistance and friction. Chief scientists (the ones in white lab coats) helped us carry out fair tests and only changing one variable and keeping all the other elements of the investigation the same. We discovered that the larger


As part of place value in maths, we have been investigating negative numbers. After lots of learning about numbers below zero, we used our knowledge to try and win a number line ‘Tug of War’ game, where the first player to land on a given number won.  


As part of our geography, we have been learning about rivers. To understand the process of river formation, we first needed to understand the water cycle. After some learning, created our own water cycles in sandwich bags and attached them to the windows in order to observe the water cycle in action