Year 5


This half term, the children in Year 5 have been developing their Tag Rugby skills. They have worked on their passing skills, footwork and attacking and defending. This week, the children put their skills into action in small sided games. During the matches, the children showed how well their skills


In Year 5, for their Art unit of work, the children have studied batik. They looked at different artists’ examples of batik before creating their own design. The children thoroughly enjoyed applying wax or glue to material before using brusho paint to dye the fabric. The results were fantastic! Arti


In maths in year 5, the children have been learning how to estimate and approximate. They used their rounding knowledge to answer problems that required approximate answers. Working in groups, the children had to discuss and agree an appropriate approximation. There was a great deal of discussion ge


In Science lessons, during our learning about forces, the Year 5 children have been investigating the effect mass has on gravity. Although many of the children predicted that objects with greater mass would fall more quickly and land first, they learnt that this was not the case: mass does not affec


In their History lessons, Year 5 have been learning about key events that occurred during the Anglo Saxon period. The children identified significant facts including, when the Anglo Saxons first arrived in Britain, the Viking invasion of Britain and even when ‘Beowulf’ was originally written. Once