Year 5


In English, we launched a new text for this half-term. The book is called ‘Holes’ and in the story boys in a prison camp have to dig a hole 5ft long, 5ft wide and 5ft deep in the desert every day as a punishment. We had to go and measure a space that was 5ft to see how gig this hole was. The charact


In art, Year 5 have been studying the artist Alberto Giacometti and looking specifically at his figurines. His work is very unusual, as the sculptures aren’t in proportion and have very thin limbs. We designed our own figurines showing various sports poses to represent movement, in the Giacometti


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at the preparation that goes into laying a good camp fire safely. Focusing first on fire safety, both inside and out and then learning about the fire triangle. The children have learnt about the flammability of materials and what impact this can have on t


In RE, Year 5 have been studying Buddhism. We have looked at the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path. We have thought about how the world would be if we all stop wanting more than we have and agreed it would be more peaceful. The Buddhists have the lotus flower as a symbol of purity of speech,


The children in Year 5 have had great fun today celebrating World Book Day. They studied the Neil Gaimon version of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ which is a throwback to the Grimm Brothers’ darker version. They wrote a description of the forest, produced artwork in the style of the book and then made their