Year 3


Year 3 have been learning about how maps can be used as primary sources to help us learn about the past. As part of their ‘Heritage Hunters’ topic the boys and girls looked at maps ranging from 1862 through to the present day. Year 3 found it really interesting to compare maps of their local area an


In Year 3 the boys and girls were lucky enough to receive some basketball coaching from Newcastle Eagles this week. Everybody learnt some tricks and tips on how to best dribble the ball and the coach tested our reflexes and reactions in a game. All the children are ready to try out their skills in a


In Year 3 the boys and girls have been matching fractions to decimals. They played a game of matching pairs and some children matched pictures of fractions as well. Fractions are very tricky but all of the boys and girls have tried very hard and shown lots of perseverance.


A massive well done to our year three and four boys and girls who competed in a hockey tournament at Cardinal Hulme. Team A finished in 1st place out of 30 teams! They have done exceptionally well to win gold and are now through to the regional finals. Team B reached the quarter finals but lost in w


Children in Year 3 have been learning about cave painting, linked to their class topic on the Stone and Iron Age. Today they were tasked with making some paint of their own. They came out ready for action, having learnt in class about the types of materials that people used in the past. This was als


In Year 3 the children have been exploring a new book. They worked in pairs to closely examine illustrations from ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. The children described the illustrations to their partner without having read any of the book. The children in Year 3 have great imaginations and have made


A strange clue landed in Year 3 today. The children followed the clues around the school to solve the mystery and find out which text they will be learning about in their English lessons. The clock had stopped at midnight and the pumpkin was waiting, can you work out what the story is?