Year 3


Yesterday evening, the Harlow Green Cheerleaders performed their incredible routine in front of an adoring crowd! They shook their pom-poms, cartwheeled perfectly and worked beautifully as a team. It was a joy to watch how excited and enthusiastic the children were before and during their performanc


This week, Year 3 have been learning how to perform a range of poems to an audience. The boys and girls explored ‘The School Kid Rap’ by John Foster, ‘Louder’ by Roger Stevens and ‘Fruit Picking’ by Jack Ousbey. They have focused on actions, expression, use of voice and following a steady beat to br


This week, Year 3 have loved learning how to use iMotion to create simple animations. The children started by creating flip books using post-it notes and have then moved onto using technology to bring their animations to life. The boys and girls worked incredibly hard, making tiny changes to each fr