Year 6


In Science, Year 6 have been investigating how to make bulbs dimmer and brighter in circuits. They have added cells, other components, made wires longer and used different thicknesses of wires. It was interesting to make conclusions and give reasons for the observations that they made.


Year 6 enjoyed a sport morning at Joseph Swan Academy. The children were able to participate in table tennis, trampolining, basketball and rock climbing activities. It was lovely to see so many children having a go at something which they might not usually do.


Children in Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying tag rugby club with  Mr Allen and Mr McMann on a Monday night. From the first week, when passing backwards was difficult, to the last week, where fast-paced games were being played, the progress has been incredible. They have all enjoyed the sessions and


Year 6 are planning to write the diary of an evacuee child, David, during World War II. To prepare for this, they used props and artifacts to generate discussion and ideas for writing. They enjoyed the activity as it helped them imagine what events might have happened in his life.


Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to Joseph Swan to carry out some Forensic science work. They didn’t feel quite so lucky when they were told they would be carrying out tests on the teachers’ ‘urine’ to see who had stolen all of the biscuits. despite this, the children enjoyed using chemicals t


Our choir meet with Mrs Reynolds every week.  They have been practicing the following songs: ‘Try everything’ ‘One in a Million’ ‘No wars will stop us singing’ ‘Remember Me’ Their enthusiasm and singing talent is fantastic and the sound of their singing brightens up our school on Thursday lunchtime


In English, Year 6 have been reading ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. In the story, two evacuee children called David and Tucky see a plane crash on the moors which nobody else notices. We carried out a Newsround style report by interviewing the boys, the Home Guard and the farmer who was lookin


Kids R Fit have been working with the Year 6 children to prepare them for life as Playground Buddies. Staff from the company came into school and worked with the children who had applied for the positions to help them to understand their role and to know some games that they could lead. The children