Year 6


Year 6 have begun the school topic ‘Heritage Hunters’ by looking at modern maps of Harlow Green  and locating their houses.  The children then played ‘Where’s Wally’ where one pair of children placed a picture of him on a map and the other pair had to ask questions using positional language and po


Year 6 had fun this afternoon making their Easter cards using tissue paper and Easter egg templates. Happy Easter everyone!


In English this term, Year 6 have been reading Skellig by David Almond. A character in the book, Mina, is home-schooled. In preparation for writing a balanced argument about home-schooling, this week the children took part in a debate. The children were given time to prepare their arguments from a v


Despite the weather preventing Year 6 from going outside, the children were still able to practise their tennis skills in the hall. This week the children focused on their backhand and keeping a rally going. They particularly enjoyed the class rally at the end of the lesson!


Year 6 made Mother’s Day cards this afternoon. The children had fun creating their design and making 3D flowers to go with it. Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday!


On World Book Day, Year 6 focused on the book ‘The Sleeper and the Spindle’ – a twisted fairy-tale. The children thought about creating their own twisted fairy-tale and they enjoyed writing a blurb and designing a cover for their book.


Some of the Year 5 and 6 boys took part in an indoor six-a-side tournament hosted by Gateshead football club. There were 9 teams in total, the boys qualified past the group stage and reached the semi finals. The boys played exceptionally well and were just beaten in penalties by a strong Wardley  t