Year 6


Year 6 have been exploring Cubist and Realist art work over this half term and have studied the work of Pablo Picasso. They have thought about how out of proportion and distorted features are used in Cubist portraits and how this contrasts to the life-like features that are carefully created in a re


Year 6 have been learning about the different metric units of measure and how to read the intervals on a range of different scales. During this lesson, they had to use their knowledge of mass, capacity and length to make predictions and then check using appropriate measuring equipment. Article 28 –


This half term, Year 6 have been learning the skills of hockey and using them in small-sided games. They have mastered how to hit, stop and dribble the ball – although there have been lots of bruised shins along the way! It has been pleasing to see them creating their own drill to practise the skill


Year 6 have been practising their fraction and decimal equivalents. The children had the opportunity to convert fractions and decimals while playing a ‘loop cards game.’ They had to use known equivalences and calculate less common ones in order to complete the game. The children responded well to th


This half-term, Year 6 will be looking at the book Skellig by David Almond. This week, they have been introduced to the text and have looked at the different front covers and what this reveals about the story. It has left them with lots of questions, which they are looking forward to answering as th


Year 5 and 6 had great fun today during their Christmas party. They enjoyed playing games and dancing to Mr Allen’s dubious music choices. It was lovely to see them being able to just enjoy themselves and have fun. The Year 5 and 6 team would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Ch


Year 6 have been learning about Judaism and the Sukkot Festival where Jews celebrate being the years they were in the desert before being led into the Promised Land. As part of this celebration, they build Sukkahs, which are temporary huts where they spend the week eating, praying and sleeping. The