Year 1


Year 1, 2 and 3 had a special visitor today to lead the morning assembly.  Reverend Mark came to Harlow Green to present the assembly which was about Harvest and being thankful.  To illustrate the need to be kind and considerate at this time, the reverend told a bible story in which Jesus was than


This term Year One are learning all about dinosaurs. This week the children made a volcano which erupted in their classroom! The children thought of lots of words to describe the volcano. Boom! Bang! Pop!


Year One had their first ever ICT lesson today.  They learnt to safely log on to the computer all by themselves.  They thought it was fantastic.  Well done Year One.  


Year One have been going dinosaur crazy.  The children firstly searched the school grounds to find as many different types of dinosaur as they could.  Next they made dinosaur headbands to help them act out the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip.  Raahh!