Year 1


In Year One we have been learning all about volcanoes. Each class made their own volcano eruption. They used washing-up liquid, vinegar, baking powder and red food colouring. The results were explosive! The children thought of so many words to describe the sound, colour and action of the volcano. F


Year One have been learning all about fossils and how they teach us about dinosaurs. They made fossils using clay. We had to use our hands to roll out the clay and then using a shell or ammonite create a fossil. The fossils looked very realistic. We can’t wait to be a paleontologist and excavate our


Year One enjoyed making dinosaur headbands and acting out the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip. “Up with hunting!” roared the Tyrannosaurus Rex. “Up with reeds!” hooted the duckbill dinosaur. The children had so much fun pretending to be the characters from the story. Article 28: We all have the right t