Year 1


Year One had so much fun using adjectives to create an amazing magical potion. They added crimson dragon’s blood and gooey ogre’s snot.  Yuck!


  Year One have been learning about Easter.  They made palm leaves and then reenacted the story of Palm Sunday.


This week the children followed The Jolly Postman trail.  They pretended to be The Three Bears, they tasted porridge like Goldilocks, and even delivered letters to Cinderella’s palace!           


Year One learnt all about the job of a paleontologist.  They had to pretend to dig for fossils by carefully excavating the chocolate chips out of a cookie.  It was hard work.  Phew!


Year One have been learning all about dinosaurs! We compared dinosaur herbivores and carnivores using a venn diagram. The children learnt that herbivores ate plants and carnivores ate meat, but both hatched from eggs. We even had some special visitors to help us – Tyrannosaurs and Duckbill!


The boys and girls in Years 1 and 2 had a blast at their Christmas party. They played lots of games in the hall including: musical statues, pass the parcel, corners and a dancing competition. Lots of children won prizes and we even had a very special visit from Santa! Thank you to all the parents fo


In science this term, year 1 enjoyed exploring how different materials look and feel.