Year 2


A huge well done to all the children in Year 2 who were absolute superstars in both of their performances today. We are all so proud of them!


Year 2 are really excited about Christmas and have been learning about how Christians celebrate and prepare. Today they have been creating their own amazing Advent wreaths.


All of the boys and girls enjoyed their school Christmas lunch. Everyone came to school dressed in their Christmas jumpers ready to enjoy their meal with their friends!


As part of the PSHE unit in Year 2, the children have been learning the importance of turn taking. The children have been practising this skill by playing some different board games. They have recognised how important it is to listen to their friends, take turns so that the game is fair as well as h


The children in Mrs Carr’s class have been doing all kinds of exciting activities.  They have tie dyed pieces of fabric by folding it into tiny squares and triangles then dipping it into ink. They couldn’t wait to unfold it to see  the results!.  When it was dry they used potatoes to print on top


In gymnastics, Year 2 have been learning how to make different bridge positions. They have worked on holding a steady position while balancing and had lots of fun moving in their bridges.


In Science, Year 2 have been learning about food chains. The children have been using some scientific vocabulary such as: predator, prey, producer, consumer, herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. The children were keen to make their own food chain. They did this by linking their parts in a paper chain


The children in Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London as part of their History work and in class they talked about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  At Art club this week  the pupils created bonfire collages and drew fireworks in the night sky.