Year 2


Thiis week the children made their own jigsaw patterns using a black felt tip pen.  They then carefully filled each piece with blue, yellow, red and green paint.  Well done everyone!


It has been a very busy week in Year 2! As part of their RE topic, the children have been on a visit to the mosque. They had great fun learning about the five pillars and how Muslims pray. Today, we had a visit from Siti – a year 2 parent. She showed the children videos of an Aqiqah ceremony she has


This week has seen the start of our RSPB Big School Birdwatch which has been carried out across four year groups. We have spent time over the last few weeks learning how to be quiet, patient and observant, using all our senses, through Hide and Seek games. We looked at aerial view maps of our site b


Year 2 have been working hard learning about time conjunctions this week. They began by going on a time conjunctions hunt when they couldn’t think of many. On the hunt, the children found so many great time conjunctions the could use. Together, they created a word bank for their working wall. Today,


Clearing out the Forest School area and getting ready for Spring is an important job. This week Years 3 and 5 have been clearing old den building materials to store and dry for use on the fire. This gives more room for fresh materials to be delivered. The leaf mulch that gathers underneath our den s


Year 2 are currently learning about Africa and after locating the continent on a world map they had the opportunity to look at images of places and people in Kenya and Uganda. They were very inquisitive and came up with lots of questions about what they could see. They worked as a class to answer so


The children in Year 2 have been learning about division. To find out about remainders, they had lots of fun playing a game called grab and divide! The children had to grab a handful of counters and check to see if they were equally divisible by 2, 3, 4 and 5. If they were, they scored a point and i