Year 2


As Autumn unfolds so our weather has changed this week. Therefore during our Forest School sessions in Year 2 we took the opportunity to practice getting into and out of our waterproofs, no mean feat in a class of 30. The children were so enthusiastic, they followed instructions really well. You can


In Year 2 the children created some tremendous tipees for their squirrel friend. In class we looked at some photos of different communities around the world who live in dwellings like these, continuing our conversations about habitats and how the environment often dictates the kind of buildings we c


The children in Year 2 have had an excellent start to the year. In English they are studying the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast.  They have been thinking about how to punctuate accurately using capital letters and full stops.  This became even more tricky for the children when the senten


Today, the children in Year 2 to Year 6 were all excited as they got the opportunity to see cyclists racing in the Tour of Britain 2019.  Luckily for us, the route led directly passed our school and we all got the chance to see the dedication and skill required to race at that level.  It was all o