Year 2


This term in Year 2, we have been learning about Islam. We have focused on celebrations within the religion and Muslim marriages. The children enjoyed making links between their previous RE topic of Christianity, where we also looked at marriages. On Tuesday, we visited Newcastle Central Mosque to h


The children in Year 2 have enjoyed reading and writing instructions.  They read instructions about how to build a snowman and then tried to draw their own.  They also read the book ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne about a boy who uses worry dolls to help him get to sleep.  The children made their


Our topic title for the Spring term is ‘Healthy Life, Happy Life!’ In Geography this term, we have studied rural Uganda and compared and contrasted this to life in Gateshead. The children have used images to explore schools in rural Uganda and used all of their learning to reply to a child from Ugan


Some of the children in Miss Bull’s class have enjoyed getting creative this term. They used collage materials to create Winter pictures in response to all the darkness in January. The following week they made red and gold money wallets after learning about Chinese New Year in assembly. They also wa


This afternoon, the boys and girls in Year 2 have been experimenting with composing music using their bodies. They explored different parts of their bodies to find out which created the best sound. The children used their hands, shoulders, feet and knees to create a sequence of body percussion. The