Year 2


Year 2 have really enjoyed their Science topic. They have been learning about habitats and this afternoon enjoyed making their own bug hotel to keep on the field. The children filled their pots with dry grass, sticks, leaves and rolled up cardboard. We hope to see that lots of bugs and insects have


Linked to their local landmark work in geography, the children have been creating some artwork of The Angel of the North. Their final pieces include the use of pastels to create mood as well as line drawings in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. The children are incredibly proud of their art work. Well


The children in Year 2 have been finding out lots of interesting fact about some of their favourite local landmarks. Some of these included: The Angel of the North, Saltwell park, St James’ park and The Millenium Bridge. They created a presentation in pairs to present to the rest of the class. Fanta


Year 1, 2 and 3 had a special visitor today to lead the morning assembly.  Reverend Mark came to Harlow Green to present the assembly which was about Harvest and being thankful.  To illustrate the need to be kind and considerate at this time, the reverend told a bible story in which Jesus was than


As Autumn is in full swing, the children enjoyed an afternoon in the September sun clearing our raised beds.  They have started to turn over the compost, collect poppy and nasturtium seed pods for drying and began weeding some of our flower beds. Whilst this was going on the children made windy rib


As wild winds hit Harlow Green, one year 2 class had still managed to make some lovely animal nests in our woodland area. Finding sheltered locations was key, it was an excellent way for the children to see how the weather can effect our native creatures. Due to the wind speed increasing, the second


In Geography, the Year 2 children have been hunting the school grounds for map symbols. They have also been learning about compass directions and practising their compass skills by directing a friend around a map. The children are all looking forward to creating their own map later on this week appl


The children in Year 2 have been re-visiting what makes a super sentence. They have been thinking about the correct punctuation as well as checking to make sure it makes sense. The boys and girls were given some very mixed up sentences and they had to read the words carefully and make it in to a sup


Year 2 have had fun using the IPads to explore place value and representing numbers in different ways. They had to choose a number card and then represent it using tens frames on the Ipad. A great start to maths in Year 2!


The children in Year 2 have been re-visiting capital letters and full stops. They have been playing around with mixed up sentences and learning to check it makes sense by reading the sentence out loud. It was wonderful to see the children then applying this knowledge in their independent writing abo