Events and Activities


Today, special visitors came in to Harlow Green to deliver an assembly focused on rewarding excellent attendance. Rob and Hannah were representing  ‘EYPS Teaching Supply’ which is working with our school to provide an attendance award, each half term, for the class that achieves the highest attenda


A lovely afternoon at Angel Court catching up with old friends. This week we were helping to finish off some decorative boards that the residents have been working on. Inspired by some of the screen prints and sewing we did last year, the boards were cut to shape and decorated using paint pens. They


To recognise those who have been working exceptionally hard all week, children in Reception now have the chance to be rewarded with juice and biscuits with Mr Malik. To achieve this, children will demonstrate hard work, polite manners, good behaviour and a positive attitude to everything they do. Th


Each week, three children will be selected by their teachers to have a very special award: Hot Chocolate with Mr Malik.  These children will have constantly been trying their best, been respectful, polite and friendly, helped others and produced work to the highest standard they can.  This will no


Once again, our annual food fayre has been a huge success! It was a glorious day and it was fantastic to see so many parents, carers and family members coming along to join in the fun! We all enjoyed delicious food (including pizzas made by the staff in our very own cob oven!), a range of stalls and


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! And so it is with the Year 6 residential to Dukeshouse Wood.  However, the time in which they were there, the children learned a lot of new skills but they also learned a lot about themselves.  Everyone was pushed outside of their comfort zones a


During the afternoon, the Year 6 pupils were challenged in a range of activities that filled the first part of Day 1. Once split into three groups, the children listened carefully to the instructors and worked hard to achieve group outcomes and individual goals. Today’s sessions included high ropes,