Events and Activities


To recognise those who have been working exceptionally hard all week, children in Reception now have the chance to be rewarded with juice and biscuits with Mr Malik. To achieve this, children will demonstrate hard work, polite manners, good behaviour and a positive attitude to everything they do. Th


Each week, three children will be selected by their teachers to have a very special award: Hot Chocolate with Mr Malik.  These children will have constantly been trying their best, been respectful, polite and friendly, helped others and produced work to the highest standard they can.  This will no


This week we had a great turn out at Angel Court. We continued to work on our stone boxes, using shells, glass and pebbles from the beach. Once they have completely set, we will be able to varnish them, so they can be kept outside. Some of the small wooden toys were sanded and oiled. Then we started