A lovely afternoon at Angel Court catching up with old friends. This week we were helping to finish off some decorative boards that the residents have been working on. Inspired by some of the screen prints and sewing we did last year, the boards were cut to shape and decorated using paint pens. They


Year 6 have enjoyed another fun-packed menu of activities.  The staff and children tried their hand at archery, the zip wire and the laser in the woods. After tea, the children enjoyed a game of football rounders and the ‘mini olympics’ before returning to their dormitories for a well-earned n


In Year 3, the boys and girls have been looking at our local area and discussing rural and urban regions. The children were able to sort pictures and find rural and urban areas around us on a map. The children enjoyed stepping out into the local area to research how the land around us is used and wo


Our final week at Angel Court working with Neil. The children and residents have made some beautiful creations. The final finishes were carried out, wooden hens mounted onto a grassy base and a last coat of varnish. The children arranged the shell boxes in Angel Courts community garden and screwed


Year 2 were given a challenge this week that helped them to demonstrate their understanding of mathematical vocabulary referring to size, scale and comparison. A lovely fast paced activity for a cold, soggy day. Article 13 – We all have a right to say what we think and be listened to.