This week the children are beginning to learn how to make paint ready for cave painting. In class we discussed what kind of materials would have been used in the Stone Age, what kind of tools may be needed to release pigments and then how the paintbrushes themselves might be constructed. Outside a f


Continuing to work on developing their communication skills, Year 6 took part in a game of Snake this week. Snake is a trust based, team building game that focuses on non-verbal communication. The team must stand in single file, one behind the other and rest their hands on the shoulders of the perso


Year 3 are beginning to learn about the Stone Age as their class topic and we will be linking this theme into our Forest School sessions. After reading The Stone Age boy in class we enjoyed some lively discussion about life back then. Outside the children were given charcoal, made in the fire, to dr


Over the last term we have been continuing our visits to Angel Court Residential Home. The children love to share stories about our hens here at Harlow Green, many of the residents remember helping out in the allotments as children so comparing hen related anecdotes is always fun. We decided we woul


This week the children have been finding out about bears.  They enjoyed looking at a non-fiction text on the interactive board about different types of bears.  The children were particularly interested in polar bears so we set up an arctic scene in the water tray.  The children were fascinated to


This week at nursery, the children have been excited to talk about their experiences of bonfire night.  We talked about fireworks and created our own firework pictures using marbles dipped in paint to roll across our pictures.  We made a pretend bonfire outside and ate marshmallows that we pretend


Our Year 6 children are now very experienced in the practical skills of Forest School, they have worked hard to develop positive communication strategies and have a confidence and sense of ownership when working outside. From September they have been running their own Forest School sessions. They sp


Our Forest School came alive with the sound of music this week. Inspired by the children, who can often be found banging out rhythms on the odd tree stump. The children were given free reign with the resources to create their own instruments, with some fantastic results. The poly tunnel was raided f