Outdoor Learning


Year 3 created a huge variety creatures using clay and natural materials. From spiders to llamas, ladybirds to Godzilla! The children then had to describe their creatures, their personality, where they live, what they might eat. Some very imaginative ideas, executed well. Article 28 – We all have th


A lovely afternoon at Angel Court catching up with old friends. This week we were helping to finish off some decorative boards that the residents have been working on. Inspired by some of the screen prints and sewing we did last year, the boards were cut to shape and decorated using paint pens. They


After all the hard work that the children have put in to make our Forest School and Fairy friendly place, the children were shocked to discover that a letter had been left by some of our magical visitors. It told the sad tale of some pesky trolls that have been destroying the fairy dwellings and ask