Year 3


Today tripod lashings were introduced to Year 3, bringing in more challenge to their tipee building. Being able to complete a tight fastenings will allow the children to be even more creative in their structure making. Article 6 – We all have the right to live and to succeed at whatever we do.


In Science, Year 3 have been learning about light. Today, they explored shadows. After learning how shadows are formed, the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed investigating how to make shadows larger and clearer. They then had a go at creating their own shadow puppet shows. UNICEF Article 28: We all


This term, the Year 3 Tennis Club have begun training for the new academic year.  Within the club, there are a range of experiences with two children who have played previously and who are even members of clubs where others are starting to play for the first time.  However, the main focus is for e


In PE, Year 3 have been developing their ball skills. They have been working on bounce passes and chest passes. Today, they were introduced to dribbling and the children completed a circuit using these skills. They particularly enjoyed working in small teams to complete each activity. UNICEF Article


There once was a girl called Mia, Who lived in Tyne and Wear, She loved going to school, She thought it was cool, And she’s so very glad you’re all here. This was the introduction to Mia Gordon’s assembly to her class today on National Poetry Day. During her session, Mia talked about poetry and how


Year 3 enjoyed creating giant human number lines during maths. The boys and girls began by rolling the dice to create 2 digit numbers. They showed impressive place value knowledge and placed themselves in the correct position between the marked divisions. They followed this by writing their own 3 di


Year 3 enjoyed an afternoon with their grown ups, recapping the story of The Egyptian Cinderella and creating their very own Egyptian collars. The boys and girls have been learning about the ancient Egyptians during history and approached this with lots of enthusiasm. As part of the workshop, parent